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Apply for Emergency Assistance

Financial assistance, requested by employees, is funded by employee contributions, corporate and individual philanthropic dollars, as well as vendor donations. The charitable fund may provide short-term assistance to employees experiencing severe financial hardship due to unexpected and unavoidable emergencies.  Documentation of the emergency or crisis event will be required.

Circumstances or situations that the Foundation can assist with generally fall into two categories:

  1. Natural disasters. Launched in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, hundreds of our employees needed help with housing and basic necessities. Assistance with hardship from evacuation or after employee’s personal residence is rendered unlivable after a natural or localized disaster (hurricane, fire, flood, tornado, mudslide, etc.).Employees can apply for assistance up to $2,500.
  2. Illness or injury. Employees can seek help with costs that are not otherwise eligible for reimbursement through insurance for themselves and their eligible dependents. Assistance with hardship from hospitalization expenses for serious injury or serious illness in employee’s household. Employees can apply for assistance up to $1,500.

Circumstances that do not qualify for assistance

There are circumstances that the Foundation cannot assist with, including:

  • Loss of household income because of a cutback in hours or overtime, or because of the loss of a job.
  • Credit card bills, vehicle purchases or home foreclosures.
  • Expenses incurred due to lack of homeowners or medical insurance.
  • Ongoing financial strain that results in not having enough income to cover regular monthly bills. The Foundation’s grants aren’t available to resolve ongoing general financial distress.
  • Wage garnishments.
  • Other similar results of financial hardship.

While the Foundation may provide assistance for expenses that aren’t eligible for reimbursement under medical or homeowners insurance, note that the Ardent Cares Foundation is not a replacement for insurance.

Employees receiving assistance

When you click the button above to Apply for Funds, please "Register" the first time with your work email address and a password of your choosing to access the application. The Ardent Cares Foundation is overseen by an Ardent committee and their guidelines are honored by an independent committee. This independent committee is responsible for approving and overseeing the distribution of funds for employees. It is administered Tulsa Community Foundation (TCF), a public charity specializing in assisting corporations in creating emergency assistance and disaster relief funds for employees, which provides Ardent the expertise of TCF in managing the process and providing experienced and dedicated resources to assist Ardent employees in need.

Distributions intended for specific individuals will be made to service providers, not directly to individuals, unless extenuating circumstances prevent such action. Generally, no distribution will be made to an individual. Employees are eligible to receive one grant per year and can receive a maximum of two grants in a lifetime. Employees must be working for Ardent Health Services for at least 90 days to be eligible for assistance, and must have been an employee at the time of the crisis event in order to be eligible to apply.