Working together for good.

The Ardent Cares Foundation is designed to help our employees live well by providing emergency assistance in times of need. We believe that we can only care for our patients and communities as well as we care for one another. When you give to the Ardent Cares Foundation, you are helping ensure that team members, from across our company, are provided support when they need it most. We have witnessed time and again the impact that our employees’ generosity has on others and the communities we serve. We are thankful to work together for good.

Help for Natural Disasters & Medical Emergencies

The Ardent Cares Foundation allows for giving to Ardent team members who have suffered an emergency hardship, for reasons beyond their control, due to a natural disaster or medical emergency that puts a strain on finances.

The foundation may assist with medical bills, mortgage or rent, or other expenses. Our primary goal is to meet the needs of our dedicated employees who consistently put others first. Applicants must be a full-time or part-time employee of Ardent Health Services, and its affiliate hospitals and clinics, for at least 90 days and apply for help within 120 days of a qualifying event.

Applications for assistance are completely confidential and are reviewed by a committee to ensure that a qualifying emergency exists and that all supporting documentation, required by IRS regulations, and established standards are met. The review committee determines award amounts within preset guidelines per emergency type. Grants are paid directly to vendors such as utility companies, mortgage lenders, hospitals, etc., on behalf of employees, rather than to employees directly.

For the purposes of the foundation, a “disaster” is an event that has been designated and/or declared as such by a state and/or the federal government, or which results from a terroristic or military action. A “hardship” is defined as an unavoidable event or crisis which typically includes home catastrophe caused by hurricane, fire, flood, tornado, etc. and other medical emergencies such as personal injury.